Signs of the PCT
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Signs of the PCT
During my PCT hike of 2013, I took a lot of photos, like 38,683, including pictures of signs, graffiti, and notes I encountered along my way. Why? I don't know, mostly just because I could.

Below are two videos of those signs: a three-hour "movie" showing 4,267 signs and — for those people who don’t have a metric crapton of time — a condensed four-minute "trailer."

The movie includes a map that automatically updates, or you can click on the map to jump to a specific location. This same map and overlays were used for, which I created in 1997.

In the videos, I’m shown holding a cardboard sign at each 100-mile increment of trail. I used that cardboard (made from my food dehydrator box) to count off trail miles and to make "clock times" for my website The Human Clock, which I started back in 2001, and which also stars a (much older) cardboard sign.

Music: "Stumble" by Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs.

Music: "Ambient Sonata" by Dee Yan Kay, mixed with police scanner recordings from Hamtramck, Michigan, recorded in December 2006. (this audio concept was first done by You also might just want to mute it too.

Note: A few (like 10) images are slightly NSFW, but I left them in since they are part of the "PCT Experience".

Tangential Plug: Our dog at mile 2100 has a popular Instagram account at @pdxfreecrap.
Full Video:
191min • 4,267 photos
4 min • 1,500 photos

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